Live Musician

With a Bachelor’s of Music in Piano Performance, Matt is able to provide piano and keyboard performances for any live situation and has played a diverse repertoire from Bach to Sondheim to Stevie Wonder. He has accompanied for lessons and performances with vocal, string, and woodwind studios at the University and professional level as well as a rehearsal pianist for dance, musical theater, and opera productions. He is also comfortable improvising in popular and jazz styles, and can follow charts.

As a keyboard player he is also committed to providing the right sound for each situation. Using professional level gear he can reproduce the synth sounds for anything from 80’s classics to modern orchestral mockups.

A versatile live musician, he is also a solid rhythm guitar player on several projects, a strong pocket bass player, and hears background harmonies quickly and easily.

Composition and Songwriting

Having co-written two albums with his pop/rock band, Matt has continued writing and recording songs.

He is very familiar with song structure and chord progression, and can help you find the right backing sound for your song, help set your lyrics to melody, or any combination of the two.

He has recently co-written with Melissa Gottlieb and her team, Hevln the Dude, and is also working on finishing his solo album.

He is also easy to work with in sessions, and excited to collaborate with others!

Solo Act/Piano Entertainer

Using his piano skills and knack for learning music and a voice that has a bit of Billy Joel and Elton John character, Matt knows over 150 (and growing) songs he can perform for your event.

From classic rock to Coldplay and more he can provide several sets as background, or as a more engaging piano bar type entertainer.


Matt uses Reaper in conjunction with Kontakt, East West, Arsenal, and a variety of hardware and software synths to produce tracks ranging from simple piano accompaniments to drum and bass electronic music.

He can also organize and produce tracks for live situation, or provide individual stems to compliment any existing arrangement.

Musical Directing

Matt has musical directed multiple projects with Triangle Productions and Lakewood Theater, and has also music directed for several pop acts and cover bands.

He can arrange and orchestrate as needed for any project.

Transcriptions and Score Preparation

Matt can also provide arrangements, transcriptions, and transpositions of sheet music and produces professional quality results.

Contact him for a quote on your individual project.

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